The athletic policy will apply to any criminal activity which has been committed on or off any school property while the student is representing this school district in any activity.

In the school’s judgment, an athlete whose actions in school, out of school, or while participating in that is detrimental to the philosophy of the athletic program will be subject to the same disciplinary action as for the use of drugs, the use of alcohol, and the use of tobacco (smoking or chewing).


Interscholastic athletics are completely extra-curricular in nature and exist solely through voluntary participation. When a student elects to participate in such voluntary activities, they commit themselves to a level of dedication beyond that expected of those who choose not to participate.

By breaking training, or the athletic code, the athlete is breaking a trust to himself, parents, coach, team, faculty, school and community. Due to the fact that athletes have a major influence on the youth of our community, it is necessary that the Munising Public Schools have a policy in regards to training regulations.

The following training rules will be enforced: The use of or possession of tobacco, the use of or possession of alcoholic beverages, and the use of or possession of drugs is prohibited. Any athlete who is part of a group where alcohol or drugs are being used illegally will be subject to disciplinary action. These training rules violations interfere with conditioning and training and are counter-productive in athletic competition.

Curfew rules are to be set by each coach.


It shall be the duty of the athletic director to enforce these rules. The athletic director will notify the superintendent who will in turn advise the Board of Education in writing of the incident. A form is available in the principal's office for any adult member of the community to report an infraction within three days of its occurrence.


An appeal committee shall consist of the principal, athletic director and head coach of the sport the student is participating in and one other head coach selected by the high school principal/superintendent.

A student may appeal to the committee within three days of the suspension through the athletic director. A reply shall be given within five school days; majority opinion of the committee will be final.

This Code of Conduct is designed for students and parents to help define the role of athletics in the Munising Public Schools.

Participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right. The athlete must earn this privilege through dedication, desire, and discipline. Without the pursuit of these, the athlete can in no way do justice to himself/herself or the school. The athlete must be disciplined in order to be a good citizen and achieve athletic excellence. Munising Public Schools believe that the tradition of winning is established and maintained upon these principles.

Since students learn by doing, our coaches are dedicated to the optimum development of their athletes as individuals with desirable behavior patterns. School athletics provides abundant opportunities for students to practice and learn the skills of successful social behavior patterns.

We wish parents to be aware that athletics has dangers inherent in a student's participation due to physical injury. Therefore, it is required that student athletes have filed with the school athletic office the signed permission of the parent/guardian to participate in athletics, as well as a yearly, up-to-date physical examination. This caution is given to parents even though the school will do all it can to provide and maintain good equipment and playing facilities for use by students.

It has always been and always will be the goal of the coaches and the administrators to minimize injuries. Parents should enroll their son/daughter in their own personal health plan. Although their son/daughter may never sustain an injury, it is always best to be protected.

Good practice habits are essential for successful athletic achievement, and we pride ourselves in helping our athletes acquire good basic practice skills. It is a must that students follow rules and regulations established by the coaching staff. Failure to comply with the coaches, team rules and regulations may lead to expulsion from the team.


The following policy will be distributed to each athlete and will be returned with the signature of the athlete and his/her parent or guardian before the individual's participation in any athletic program.

The regulations will apply twenty-four (24) hours a day, 365 days a year and will begin immediately upon completion of the 8th grade. All athletic code violations will apply even though a participant and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) have not yet signed the athletic code.

Adopted June 13, 1985 Amended Dec 14, 1989

Amended Sept. 10, 1987 Amended Aug 6, 1992

Amended Sept. 14, 1989 Amended May 27, 1998

Amended Aug. 14, 2003 Amended Aug. 18, 2004

Amended Aug 20, 2008 Amended July 13, 2015


A. All athletes and athletic teams must abide by both the Michigan High School Athletic Association and local school district policies.

B. To be eligible for participation in athletic activities, a student must meet all MHSAA requirements.

C. A student must maintain a passing grade in 66% of their full credit load potential at all times. Weekly academic eligibility checks during each season will be required. If a student is not passing at least 66% of their full credit load potential when checked, that student will be ineligible for competition until the next check but not less than for the next Monday through Sunday. If the next eligibility check reveals the student is still not passing at least five classes that student is ineligible for competition for not less than the next Monday through Sunday, and so on until the student is passing five classes from the start of the marking period through the recent eligibility check.

For fall sports, the first eligibility check will be done two weeks after the date of the first athletic contest in the sport that the athlete is competing in, but no sooner than the first Friday of the school year.

An eligibility check will be done for freshmen students based on their 8th grade second semester grades. If the student would not meet the above eligibility requirements, he/she will still be allowed to participate in 9th grade athletics but will be placed on academic probation and an eligibility check will be completed after the first 2 weeks of the first semester. The student’s eligibility will then be determined, per the above guidelines.

Any student who is academically ineligible will not be allowed to leave early from school to attend an athletic contest.

Any student who is academically ineligible will be required to attend mandatory tutoring sessions on a weekly basis until the student become academically eligible. The tutoring sessions will be arranged by the student and athletic director.

D. Any unexcused absence by a student on the day of a scheduled school activity will cause that student to be ineligible to participate in that activity on the day he/she is absent.

E. An athlete must be in attendance at least three class periods on the day of an athletic event, and that absence must be excused. The principal or athletic director may waive this rule for emergency situations.

F. When an athlete drops a sport after the first regularly scheduled game or meet in that sport, he/she may not participate in another sport during the same season.


Definition of Percentages

Suspension from games will be handled by a percentage of the total scheduled games in each sport, and the suspension will be for the sport the individual is presently participating in.

A. A partial percentage will be rounded off. When calculating games missed, .5 or below will be rounded down, and anything above .5 will be rounded up.

B. Practice is mandatory for any suspended individual.

C. The suspended individual will suit-up at games during the period of suspension.

Any athlete, who is part of a group where alcohol or drugs are being used illegally, even though the athlete is not participating in the illegal use of the alcohol or drugs, will be given a one-time warning. Future violations of this clause will result in the athlete being charged with an athletic code penalty.

The first violation is a 20% suspension of the scheduled contests. If a student is participating in more than one sport per season the suspension will apply to both sports. If there is a carryover, it will apply to the next sport the student participates in. The student must also participate in a four hour counseling session provided by the school and complete eight hours of community service work as assigned by the school district prior to participating in any athletic contest.

The second offense results in an additional suspension of 50% in the same season of the scheduled contests in a sport. If a student is participating in more than one sport per season the suspension will apply to both sports. If there is a carryover, it will apply to the next sport the student participates in (e.g., student smoking after football begins is a 20% suspension; a second time in the same season is an additional 50% suspension of regularly scheduled games or meets.) The student must also complete 20 hours of community service work as assigned by the school district prior to participating in any athletic contest.

A third violation will result in the student not being able to participate in any contests for one calendar year from the date of the third violation. The student may practice with his/her team(s) with permission from the athletic director and coach. The student must also complete 40 hours of community service work as assigned by the school district prior to participating in an athletic contest.

A fourth violation will mean no participation in any further interscholastic athletic program at Munising High School.

Athletic violations that occur in seventh or eighth grade will not carry over to high school.

The Board of Education of Munising Public Schools recognizes that all infractions cannot be covered in a particular code, therefore, reserves the right to act in behalf of the school in cases where severe disciplinary action may be needed.

In cases where the Board feels intervention is necessary a hearing on the matter will be provided for the athlete with his/her parents and counsel, if requested.

If, after the hearing, it is found that the program would be best served by excluding the student/athlete from athletic competition for an indefinite period of time, the Board will act in behalf of the Munising Public Schools by suspending the athlete from competition.