Asbestos Information

The Presence of Asbestos within District Buildings

The Institute of Environment Assessment was requested by the Munising Public Schools to review and prepare an asbestos management plan identifying the presence of asbestos within district school buildings. The institute’s federally certified inspectors, planners, public health and engineering consultants worked in conjunction with school administrative personnel to identify asbestos-containing building products. Asbestos is a mineral fiber associated with increased levels of disease when inhaled. The risk rating procedures, which the Institute used in commenting on the asbestos, were developed in conjunction with national experts in the area of industrial medicine, toxicology, industrial hygiene, and engineering. After reviewing the characteristics of district buildings, we prepared a management plan for each building. A detailed plan and updated information is maintained at the central district office and also in the administrative office of each major building describing the asbestos plan and the intended response.

Asbestos is dangerous only when it is broken loose from building material into fine friable, dust like fibers which may be inhaled. If asbestos is to be removed or abated, and the district maintains its operation and maintenance procedure, the removal will be done under carefully controlled conditions so that asbestos would not represent a detectable risk to any building occupant. The district’s plan was implemented on July 9, 1989 and regular surveillance of asbestos-containing materials is conducted every six months to assure the safety required by AHERE (E.P.A).

Please rest assured that building administrations’ ongoing efforts related to the management and control of asbestos-containing materials are focused on providing a safe and health environment for our buildings’ occupants and employees.