Frosh/Soph Information

Freshmen/Sophomore Guide to College

Freshmen year is the time to start planning for college. It is the time to get off on the right foot. Start now by making your high school transcripts shine!

Michigan Merit Curriculum
4 credits English-English 9, English 10, English 11 and English 12
4 credits Math- Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 and other math during the senior year
3 credits Science- Biology, Physics or Chemistry, Earth Science/Science Elective
3 credits Social Studies- Civics, Economics, U.S. History, World History
2 credits Foreign Language (class of 2016 and beyond)
1 credit PE/Health
1 credit Visual, Performing and Applied Arts

  • ENROLL in challenging courses right now. Get prepared! While in college you'll choose a major to study in depth. Build on your interests and strengths.

  • Have GOALS, both academic and personal, for the school year.

  • Develop a system to keep organized and budget your time between academics, social events, appointments, extra-curriculars and work.

  • Prepare for college tests by taking courses in reading, mathematics (Algebra and above) and writing (this will help with the writing component on the ACT and SAT).

  • Become involved in school and/or community activities (at least 1 social or community activity). Colleges like to see involvement in activities. It shows focus and commitment.

  • Continue to update your Educational Development Plan (EDP).

  • Review NCAA requirements for college if sports scholarships are an option. You need to concentrate on both sports and academics. Take NCAA approved courses (listed in the Curriculum Guide & NCAA website).

  • Use resources available like tutoring, on-line options, a math lab or teacher services if you start to struggle in a class.

In your sophomore year, you no longer have to deal with the adjustment to high school. Demonstrate a sense of purpose towards school and activities. Stay involved in various activities.

Sophomore courses suggested for college:

***These are guidelines. If you have a definite college(s) in mind, look up their admission requirements on their websites.

Highly Selective




4 years

4 years

3 years


4 years

3 years

3 years

Social Studies

3 years

2-3 years

2 years


3 years

2-3 years

2 years

Foreign Lnguage

2-4 years

0-2 years

0-2 years

  • ALL sophomores will be taking the PLAN test during the school day. The PLAN is the pre-ACT test and provides a variety of very useful information.

  • Continue to challenge yourself academically. Ask for help if it is needed. Use tutoring, on-line courses, math labs, or teacher assistance if you need it.

  • Take/retake your core classes needed for graduation.

  • Update your EDP.

  • Be a well-rounded student: Academics--Athletics--Music--Drama--Community Service--School Activities--Work/Summer experiences.

  • If you don’t know your career interests, strengths, learning style, see Mr. Mattson for assistance in these areas.

  • Explore summer programs, volunteer opportunities, and jobs that tap into your career interests.

  • NCAA-Stay active in high school sports and club sports. Investigate colleges and their admission requirements in your area of sport.

  • Start studying in the summer for the PSAT and ACT-take a practice test.