Junior Information

During your junior year continue to take courses to challenge yourself, especially in reading, writing and problem solving in math and science. Getting prepared for college NOW is important. Colleges look at the level of coursework that you choose, your GPA and test scores, and how you spend your free time (sports, clubs, volunteer, church…).


  • Start exploring colleges by surfing the Internet, looking at college catalogs, taking a college tour, meeting with college reps that come to the high school, or attending a college fair on to receive information on colleges. If you have questions, please stop in or call the Guidance Office.

  • If NCAA sports scholarships/opportunities are an option, make sure that you are taking NCAA approved courses. Ask Mr. Mattson if you are not sure, look in the course curriculum guide, or check out the website.

  • Pay attention to announcements and sign up to meet with college reps in Guidance Office throughout the school year. Try to meet with a college that isn’t familiar to you…you may like what you see.

  • Continue to be involved in school/community activities. It shows focus and commitment.

  • Practice for the ACT/MME. Get a practice test from the Guidance office or use the Helpful Website sheet to assist you on practice tests.

  • All juniors will take the ASVAB test in January.


  • Become more serious in your college searches and make a list of those you would like to attend. Compare and contrast admission criteria and programs. Eliminate ones that do not meet your needs. E-mail colleges to request more information.

  • Continue to be active in school and community activities, volunteer and leadership roles.

  • NCAA students-Start preparing an athletic resume. Send out initial contact letters with resumes. If possible include sports schedule, stats and recognitions. Update when necessary. Prepare a videotape of the sport and send when requested.


  • MME (Michigan Merit Exam) is required for all juniors. This test is comprised of the ACT, Workkeys and Michigan components. Students can become eligible for a Michigan Promise scholarship with qualifying scores. 
    The test will be given March 3-5, 2015. These are statewide testing dates and are not flexible. Make every effort to be in attendance on all 3 days!!!

  • When registering for next year’s courses, be sure to choose college-preparatory courses.

  • Register for your first SAT, if applicable. This will allow time for retakes at the beginning of your senior year. Study for SAT (see website info sheet).

  • NCAA athletes should register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse after grades are final at the end of the year www.ncaaclearinghouse.org. In July, contact the college coach and keep updating with the Clearinghouse.

  • Visit various colleges that interest you. Get sample applications. Start ranking your college choices.

  • Start thinking of people for letters of recommendations that may be needed for college admission (teacher, friends, counselor, principal, clergy, coach…).

  • Use the Internet to search for scholarships.

  • Try to squeeze in some volunteer/community service during the summer.