Hello Munising Middle-High School Students and Parents/Guardians


  • Students are no longer required to wear masks during school or while attending sporting and extracurricular events (this also pertains to spectators).  However, please note that any staff member or student that would like to be tested may do so in the office. 
  • In accordance with student survey results prior to the holiday break, we are going to dispense with the use of desks in the hallways for lunch seating to accommodate the student preference for sitting together in the cafeteria.  We will be allowing the students to sit where they would like tomorrow and until further notice....HOWEVER, the seats that the students choose tomorrow WILL BE THEIR ASSIGNED SEATS FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT 6 WEEKS.  Mrs. Essinger and the other Lunch Monitors will be diagramming the lunch room/tables and recording seating charts for 1st and 2nd lunch students. For contact tracing purposes, it is essential that students remain in their assigned seats.
  • Teachers will continue to keep seating charts for each class period and students must remain in assigned classroom seats.  
  • Please note that until further notice, we will no longer be testing athletes weekly.  We may reinstitute weekly testing for athletes if we see things start to spike with our student-athletes. 


Here are the meetings and sporting events for this upcoming week....all athletic events are AWAY:

Monday 1/3 - No School

  • 6:30pm - JV Boys BB @ North Dickinson
  • 8:00pm - Varsity Boys BB @ North Dickinson

Tuesday 1/4

  • 12:00pm - Athletic Eligibility Report Run
  • 5:30pm - Wrestling @ Newberry (w/Bark River-Harris)
  • 5:45pm - JV Girls BB @ Gwinn
  • 7:15pm - Varsity Girls BB @ Gwinn

Wednesday 1/5

  • 6:00pm - JV Boys BB @ Rapid River
  • 7:30pm - Varsity Boys BB @ Rapid River

Thursday 1/6

  • 5:30pm - Wrestling @ Gwinn

Friday 1/7

  • 6:00pm - MS Cheerleading Invitational @ Manistique (Tentative)
  • 6:30pm - JV Girls BB @ Norway
  • 7:00pm - Hockey @ Escanaba
  • 8:00pm - Varsity Girls BB @ Norway

Saturday 1/8

  • 11:00am - Wrestling @ Escanaba (Elks Invite)