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October 27, 2022

Hello Mustang Middle School Students,

As was previously shared with you at the beginning of the year, the district cell phone policy for middle school students would be likely changing.  On Tuesday evening, the Munising School Board approved the new policy for cell phones (personal communication devices or PCDs).  There are no changes in our policies or expectations for high school students, however for students in grades K-8 there are changes which are highlighted below in yellow. Please note that as a middle school student, you may have a cell phone at school during school hours (8:00am-2:45pm) however during that time it MUST REMAIN TURNED OFF and STORED IN YOUR LOCKER. You may not carry or use your cell phone during passing periods, at lunch, or in hallways, restrooms, or classrooms, etc.  After the ending bell for the day (2:45pm) you may use your phone as needed for coordinating transportation for after school events and activities, etc. Please review the changes highlighted in yellow below with your parents.  The full policy is available here for review if you are interested.

Thank you for your help in ensuring that Munising Middle School is a fun, safe, and academically focused place to learn! As you grow, mature, and advance to high school, you will be afforded more privileges as it relates to cell phones. 

Don't hesitate to let me or Principal Lasak know if you have any questions.


Mr. Travis, Superintendent



Michael J. Travis

Michael J. Travis

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